Addicted to Fame (2012)

Addicted to Fame
Anna Nicole Smith David Giancola John James Chyna
IDMB rating
3.7 (193 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
Oct. 20, 2013 (Netflix)

The hilarious, outrageous, and ultimately tragic true story of one filmmaker's seduction into moral blindness in the glare of the media spotlight. What begins innocently is a film that seems nothing more than a "Behind-the-Scenes" tell-all, but Filmmaker David Giancola has larger issues in mind and the film quickly takes a dark turn. Giancola uses his tale as a modern parable about the dangers of celebrity and it's debilitating effect upon our society. Back in 2005, he wanted to break out by making a "Movie that mocked B-Movies". He thought he could manipulate the media by casting Anna Nicole Smith. In the end the media manipulated him instead as his star and one of his producers died in a media feeding frenzy. The film bombed, but the story was one of the most reported events of 2007, behind only coverage of the Iraq war. The truth is always stranger and more unbelievable than fiction... Filmmaker Giancola spent over three years in editing from over 80 Hours of never-before seen footage shot during the production. "CRAPTASTIC!" rips back the curtain on popular media and the dangers of celebrity with an honesty that is already starting controversy.

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Yes! Addicted to Fame (2012) is available on Netflix since Sunday 20 October 2013.

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