Art & Music (2009)

Art & Music
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Aug. 17, 2013 (Netflix)

'Verdancy', 'Embrace' and 'Sacred Circle', the symphonic films of the Czech artist Dascha Friedlova and American composer Dall Wilson, unite two exceptional artists, who not only share their Moravian roots, but also the passion to make a difference in life. Although their mother tongues are different, they are united in their pursuit to form a common language, which crosses borders and inspires the creative mind and self-expression. The truthful symbiosis between the visual images and symphonic music enables them to communicate to us through their art. 'Verdancy' is a vibrant celebration of women's journey, self-perception and liberation. The reoccurring symbols of petals, fabric or feathers accentuate the need to find beauty, gently embrace differences and celebrate with compassion and curiosity. The rhythm of the transformation never ceases to inspire the change in us. 'Embrace' creates a platform for addressing distortion implemented in life and its power to delude us. Through the images of fragmented faces, veiled eyes or individuality imprisoned in animal shapes, it incites the viewers to set themselves free of the chains of presumption and embrace the life of honesty and truth. In their latest, black and white symphonic film 'Sacred Circle', we witness the opening of the circle of life. The stories of several women intertwine with the richness of the cycles in nature, corresponding to different ages of human life. The music underlines the joyous liberation on the path when walked in harmony and trust in who we are.

Is Art & Music (2009) on Netflix?

Yes! Art & Music (2009) is available on Netflix since Saturday 17 August 2013.