Birth of the Living Dead (2013)

Birth of the Living Dead
Fred Rogers George A. Romero H. Rap Brown Mark Harris
IDMB rating
7.0 (1132 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
April 20, 2014 (Netflix)
Expire date
May 20, 2016 (Netflix)

In 1968, Pittsburgh native, George Romero, would direct a low budget film that would revolutionize the horror genre forever, Night of the Living Dead. Through interviews with the talents involved, the story of this film creation is told and how it reflected its time with a grotesque and powerful immediacy. Furthermore, the film's difficult and controversial release to an unsuspecting film public is also recounted as it survived the early revulsion to become a landmark cinematic creation with a profound effect on popular culture.

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Yes! Birth of the Living Dead (2013) is available on Netflix since Sunday 20 April 2014.

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