Brotherhood of Death (1976)

Brotherhood of Death
Roy Jefferson Le Tari Haskell V. Anderson III Mike Thomas
IDMB rating
5.2 (325 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
May 1, 2013 (Netflix)

After antagonizing a Caucasian male, three black men: Raymond Moffat, Junior Moffat and Ned Tiese go on the run; join the army; fight Vietnamese; make dough selling dope; and return home to Kincaid County. They decide to assist oppressed citizens to be more assertive, and with the preacher's help, get them registered to vote. This does not auger well with minority Caucasians - who feel threatened, put on Ku Klux Klan hoods, amidst signs to 'Fight Communist and Intergration' and launch an all-out attack with impunity. Things get even more complicated when a black woman is sexually molested, a black male is blamed, and the Sheriff is shot dead, leaving corrupt lawmen and heavily armed Klansmen free to slay whoever dares to oppose them.

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Yes! Brotherhood of Death (1976) is available on Netflix since Wednesday 1 May 2013.

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