Burn Notice (2013)

Burn Notice
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Pedro Pascal Bruce Campbell Kiele Sanchez RonReaco Lee
IDMB rating
7.2 (4488 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
Nov. 15, 2011 (Netflix)

As informal punishment for an unwitting affair with admiral Gregory Maitland's adulterous wife, Sam Axe, a US Navy Commander, was sent to Colombia to observe the suspected rebel movement Espada Ardiente ('Burning Sword'). Now he's under investigation for allegedly consorting with those alleged terrorists. He explains how he discovered that his Colombian army liaison Comandante Veracruz was the real drug dealers cahoot, who pailed on framing Axe and presumably innocent farmers for the bombing of an American-run Andes clinic. Sam escaped and tried to help the civilians and forces CIA observers to demand urgent help. He even found a trump card to avoid conviction for his illegal methods and a favorable discharge.

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Yes! Burn Notice (2013) is available on Netflix since Tuesday 15 November 2011.

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