Caesar Must Die (2012)

Caesar Must Die
Movies Documentaries
Cosimo Rega Salvatore Striano Giovanni Arcuri Antonio Frasca
IDMB rating
7.3 (4701 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
Dec. 24, 2013 (Netflix)
Expire date
June 24, 2016 (Netflix)

In Rebibbia Prison in Italy, its inmate theatre program puts on a well received production of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. The film goes back several months earlier as the coordinators announces the play as the program's production of the year. With that project set, we see its creation as the cast is auditioned and selected for this artistic challenge. As they rehearse, the prisoners, many of whom are long termers and lifers for serious crimes, find that the classic play has both a striking resonance and contrast to their confined lives.

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Yes! Caesar Must Die (2012) is available on Netflix since Tuesday 24 December 2013.

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