Carrie (2013)

Julianne Moore Portia Doubleday Chloë Grace Moretz Gabriella Wilde
IDMB rating
6.0 (102273 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
Oct. 2, 2014 (Netflix)

The outcast teenager Carrie White is bullied by her mates at high-school. Her mother Margaret White is a pious and paranoid woman that sees sin everywhere and the need of self- inflict punishment. When Carrie has her first period, she does not understand what is happening to her and her mates humiliate her in the changing room. The spiteful Chris Hargensen videotapes Carrie with her cell phone and posts in Internet. Their teacher Ms. Desjardin punishes the students and Chris challenges her and is suspended and consequently she can not go to the prom. Meanwhile Carrie discovers that she has telekinesis and leans how to control her ability. The popular Sue Snell feels bad with her attitude towards Carrie and asks her boyfriend Tommy Ross to invite Carrie to go with him to the prom to make up for what she did to Carrie. But Chris and her boyfriend Billy Nolan plot an evil prank with her friends to seek vengeance for Carrie with tragic consequences.

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Yes! Carrie (2013) is available on Netflix since Thursday 2 October 2014.

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