Five Senses of Eros (2009)

Five Senses of Eros
Cha Hyeon-jeong Nan-Hee Kim Soo-Yeon Cha Dal-Hyeong Lee
IDMB rating
5.3 (273 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
Feb. 20, 2013 (Netflix)

"His Concern": A man and a woman are attracted to each other on the train, but he is nearly tongue-tied. "I'm Here": A wife hides every time her husband comes home, and wonders whether he will still look for her if she is not there after an upcoming operation. "33rd Man": While shooting an erotic vampire movie, an experienced actress teaches her younger female co-star how to seduce the director. "The End and the Beginning": After Jung Ha's husband dies, her husband's mistress insists on coming to live with her. "Believe in the Moment": Three high school couples test their love by permuting partners for a day.

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Yes! Five Senses of Eros (2009) is available on Netflix since Wednesday 20 February 2013.

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