Unblock Netflix regions with Getflix

Getflix uses Smart DNS technology to bypass the geo-blocking from Netflix and open up an amazing world of entertainment. The company is based in Australia and it manages its virtual private network (VPN) servers in order to offer streamed video and music facilities from blocked sites.

Why use Getflix?

  • Access ALL popular global streaming services like Netflix from anywhere around the world
  • Choose from 20+ regions from the worlds most popular streaming service
  • Easy to use Smart DNS technology
  • Free, optional VPN account with all paid subscriptions
  • Fast and friendly 24x7, 365-day support
  • Works on all of your favorite devices, no software to install
  • Low monthly pricing, no commitment and cancel anytime
  • Free signup with a 14 day trial, no credit card required
  • Watch the latest movies, TV series, children's shows and classic titles from multiple devices including PCs, game consoles, mobile phones, tablets and more.

How Does Getflix Work?

Based on your IP address, Netflix can see what part of the world your computer is in and block you from watching content if you’re in the wrong place. This is called “geo-blocking”. They do this by looking up the country of origin of your Internet address (also called an IP address). Your IP address is your unique address on the Internet, much like a phone number.

With a DNS service like Getflix you can ‘hide’ your real location on the internet and pretend you’re located in another country of choice. DNS services are numerous, and don’t require much technical skill to use. Here you can read more about the use of a DNS proxy service.

Netflix is reportedly testing a variety of methods to prevent people from accessing content from other countries. But this is just an ongoing game between Netflix and proxy services. Getflix offers a free trial period and your monthly subscription can be cancelled any time, so why not try Getflix right now?

Getflix review

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