Godzilla's Revenge (1969)

Godzilla's Revenge
Tomonori Yazaki Hideyo Amamoto Sachio Sakai Kazuo Suzuki
IDMB rating
3.9 (2313 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
May 1, 2014 (Netflix)

Ichiro is a highly imaginative, but lonely, boy growing up in urban Tokyo. Every day he comes home to the empty apartment he shares with his railroad worker father and his restaurant hostess mother. His only friends are a toy maker name Shinpei Inami and a little girl named Sachicko. The only other kids that are around is a gang of kids led by a bully named Gabara. To escape his loneliness, Ichiro imagines that he is on Monster Island where he befriends Minya, the son of Godzilla. It is through his daydreams that he watches Godzilla and Minya fight other monsters, including one also named Gabara who is just as bad a bully as the one that is tormenting Ichiro. It is through these daydreams that he learns that it is okay to fight back and face his fears. These lessons also help him to outwit a couple of bumbling bank robbers as well as finally have the guts to stand up to Gabara and his gang.

Is Godzilla's Revenge (1969) on Netflix?

Yes! Godzilla's Revenge (1969) is available on Netflix since Thursday 1 May 2014.

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