Goodman Town (2002)

Goodman Town
Supakorn Kitsuwon Archariya BuaSuwan Watchara Tangkaprasert
IDMB rating
4.7 (60 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
Feb. 20, 2013 (Netflix)

In the distant future, the Earth has become a dense wasteland after years of battle. The survivors of the 4th World War band together to rebuild their own cities while bandits, murderers and thugs roam the wasteland to find their next victims. Goodman Town is the most prosperous city of them all. Gas is abundant and the agriculture is plentisome so it attracts many "guests." But in order to rule the city, it must have a strong leader. That man is none other than "Tiger Yai." Devious and evil as heck, Tiger Yai is soon contacted by a blind fortune teller who gives him one last piece of advice: that he must marry a bride within the next four days to keep his dominance and reign supreme, or he will die on the fifth day if he choose not to do so. The only condition is that he cannot bed her until after the ceremony and the bride will bear a large birthmark on her chest. Disgruntled, Tiger Yai orders his men to plunder the nearby villages to find his new bride and kill all those who oppose him. Can anyone stop this madman? Legend has it that a lone warrior who wanders the wasteland will come. One who has a brace on his left leg, that which is not broken. One who can kill men like he does tigers with his bare hands. The one they call "Climax" (Watchara Tangkaprasert).

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Yes! Goodman Town (2002) is available on Netflix since Wednesday 20 February 2013.

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