Guess with Jess (2009)

Guess with Jess
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Charlie George
IDMB rating
6.5 (17 votes)
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Release date
May 1, 2014 (Netflix)

Baa and Billie have built a fantastic new see-saw in the meadow. Jess can't wait to have a go. But when he tries to make it go up and down with him on one end and Baa and Billie on the other he just gets stuck in the air and can't get the see saw down. 'How can I go up and down on the see saw?' he asks? -desperate to have all the 'up and down' fun he see the puppies having when they jump on the see-saw. Jess asks Horace the hoppy frog what he knows about 'up and down', he talks to Willow about scales and weighing things until finally he works it out - if he finds someone roughly the same weight as him - balanced just like the puppies were - he'll do it!  He works out that Mimi - of all his friends-  weighs about the same as him and just as he worked out they jump on the see saw and go up and down, up and down and have a fantastic time! Yippety Yay!

Is Guess with Jess (2009) on Netflix?

Yes! Guess with Jess (2009) is available on Netflix since Thursday 1 May 2014.

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