H2O: Mermaid Adventures (2015)

H2O: Mermaid Adventures
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May 22, 2015 (Netflix)

H2O: Mermaid Adventures is a retelling of H2O: Just Add Water in animated form. It deviates from the live action show, such as their ability to talk to the sea creatures, and Gold Coast is renamed Dolphin City. H2O: Mermaid Adventures is a Netflix original programme for children. It is based on the Australian teenage show H2O: Just Add Water created by Jonathan M. Shiff. 26 episodes are available on Netflix from May 22nd, 2015. 

The main characters according to Wikipedia are:

Rikki Chadwick, who is the rebel of the group, and close friends of Emma and Cleo. After becoming a mermaid Rikki gains the ability to boil water.

Emma Gilbert, who is the more reasonable, and responsible among her friends at times, and former synchronized swimmer. After becoming a mermaid Emma gains the ability to freeze water.

Cleo Sertori, who is a shy girl that is very interested in studying marine biology. After becoming a mermaid Cleo gains the ability to control water.

Lewis McCartney, a tech-savvy young man who is close friends of the girls, and has a crush on Cleo. He helps the girls out on their adventures from distraction to technical support.

Bernie the Hermit Crab, a hermit crab who was saved by Cleo in the first episode. After the girls become mermaids, Bernie is able to talk with them and regularly calls upon the girls to help him when there's trouble in the ocean.

Is H2O: Mermaid Adventures (2015) on Netflix?

Yes! H2O: Mermaid Adventures (2015) is available on Netflix since Friday 22 May 2015.

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