Happily Ever After (2005)

Happily Ever After
Keempee de Leon John Prats Maxene Magalona Rainier Castillo
Drama Comedy Romance
IDMB rating
5.8 (13 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
Jan. 16, 2016 (Netflix)

Happily Ever After is a trilogy. Each is a love story with a touch of magic, comedy and whimsy. Tying all the segments together is a seemingly fake fortune teller, who uses a science sphere she got at a novelty store as a crystal ball! "I LOVE YOU BABE": Gio & Jenny are Gen Y youths belonging to two feuding families a la Romeo and Juliet in the colorful town of Barangay Kapayapaan. Gio is the son of the former Barangay Captain, a man who spends far 'too much time criticizing the new Barangay Captain, who is Jenny's mom. Gio has always had a crush on Jenny, whom he sends secret love letters to. Jenny likes to fantasize that the letters are from her boyfriend, the handsome but insensitive Briggs. When Gio's flirtatious girlfriend Barbie is involved in a cellphone video scandal and Jenny's boyfriend Briggs is revealed to be a closet homosexual, it seems that the stars are conspiring to bring Gio and Jenny together. Will their "union" finally bring Barangay Kapayapaan the elusive peace which it's been looking for? "PLAYBOY KUBA": When a jilted lover demands that handsome womanizer Vince marry her, he leaves Manila and flees to a faraway province to get away from her. There, Vince meets a lovely barrio lass named Laura. Like Vince, Laura too is being forced to marry someone she has no feelings for, the wealthy Eugene. Laura and Vince soon fall in love with one another in a secluded cave. But when he's told he can return to Manila because his "stalker fiancée" has left the country, Vince dumps Laura. What Vince doesn't know is that Laura's mother is a mangkukulam, and she places a curse on him which transforms him into an ugly, disfigured hunchback. A contemporary Filipino retelling of "Beauty and The Beast". "MULTONG BAKLA": Abby and her family return to the Philippines after several years in the USA. They move into an upper middle-class subdivision, where Abby meets Ogie, a handsome lower-middle class boy who plays for the neighborhood basketball team. Abby and Ogie soon become very fond of each other, but Abby's parents don't want their pretty teen daughter to have anything to do with the poor Ogie. Ogie discovers a large abandoned, unfinished house in the area where Abby's folks will never think of looking for them. Turns out, however, that the house is being haunted by the ghosts of gay houseboy Pampee and his 7-year old alaga Leeboy: death doesn't have to be the end of a great love life!

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Yes! Happily Ever After (2005) is available on Netflix since Saturday 16 January 2016.

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