Hell on Wheels (2013)

Hell on Wheels
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Leesaw Andalaro Palmyra Delran Laura Eiko Ashley Evens
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Release date
July 20, 2012 (Netflix)

Brooklyn girl gang member Krank, after being shot in a mysterious guinea pig lab rescue incident, comes home from the hospital in a wheelchair to find her cats are gone, her mother is still insane and her gang is kicking her out. She turns to her best friend, the Mechanic, who gives her a pep talk and offers to turn her heap of crap wheelchair into a hot rod. Krank then joins the Outcasts, NYC girl gang wheel riders with a twist. The Outcasts are lead by Krash, a dyslexic cyclist who can only cycle backwards. The other girls in the gang have strange maladies such as Height Dysphoria and French Monotonism. Sparks fly between Krank and the upside-down skateboarder, Flip and clearly, Krank is ready to ride again. Meanwhile, the E. V. Ills, a violent roller derby gang led by C-Roll, tear up the track and dance the night away; the Slayers, homeless queer girl skateboarders panhandle and fish for crabs in New York City's East River; and the Full Tilts ride scooters and run numbers in the city's only Roller Disco Betting Parlor.

Is Hell on Wheels (2013) on Netflix?

Yes! Hell on Wheels (2013) is available on Netflix since Friday 20 July 2012.

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