House of Good and Evil (2013)

House of Good and Evil
Rachel Marie Lewis Christian Oliver Marietta Marich Jordan Rhodes
IDMB rating
5.5 (3346 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
April 29, 2014 (Netflix)

The firefighter Chris Conley buys an isolated old house in the middle of nowhere with neither telephone nor electricity and moves with his estranged wife Maggie expecting to save their marriage and restart a new life. A few months ago, Maggie was pregnant and lost her baby of eight months when Chris pushed her during an argument. The real estate agent Rob Bradley explains that the house is split in two and Maggie and Chris will need to share the space with the tenants Mr. and Mrs. Anderson for at least one more month when the old couple will leave the house. Chris finds a job in the nearest town and leaves the unstable Maggie alone to unpack and decorate the house. Maggie overhears a telephone and weird noises in the house and soon she meets Mrs. Anderson and learns that Mr. Anderson is an abusive husband like she believes Chris is.

Is House of Good and Evil (2013) on Netflix?

Yes! House of Good and Evil (2013) is available on Netflix since Tuesday 29 April 2014.

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