Humboldt County (2008)

Humboldt County
Fairuza Balk Jeremy Strong Peter Bogdanovich Vicky Monroe
IDMB rating
6.4 (2174 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
Feb. 13, 2014 (Netflix)
Expire date
Feb. 13, 2016 (Netflix)

Peter is burned out: finishing med school at UCLA, failing the bedside manner class his father teaches, no sleep in days. He spends the night with Bogart, a woman he's just met, and the next day, sleepily gets in her car. He wakes up in Arcata, where Bogart's foster family lives in the woods: Max, his daughter, mom, and step dad. They grow marijuana for their own consumption, except for Max, who has planted six hidden patches for one big score. Bogart hates pot farming - feds are on constant patrol - so she splits, leaving Peter to depend on Max for a ride to the bus. A day stretches into two, and Peter puts off leaving. A reckoning with his dad is inevitable: is Peter's rebirth possible?

Is Humboldt County (2008) on Netflix?

Yes! Humboldt County (2008) is available on Netflix since Thursday 13 February 2014.

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