Inside the American Mob (2013)

Inside the American Mob
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Salvatore Polisi Kenneth Carrella Thomas Logan Crown Michael Messina
IDMB rating
8.4 (226 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
Dec. 21, 2014 (Netflix)

Documentary film about the Italian Mafia and their organised crime activities in USA, mainly New York, between the '60's to mid '90's. Well documented with plenty of interviews and original footage. Story told by ex-members of Mafia, FBI agents and prosecutors at that time, cops and journalists. It explains how they functioned, the rule of omerta, which five families ruled New York and how; and also how the FBI and US government managed to dismantle them after 30 years of the crime syndicate being untouchable. Listen to what Rudy Giuliani, Joseph D. Pistone aka 'Donnie Brasko' and many others had to say about it.

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Yes! Inside the American Mob (2013) is available on Netflix since Sunday 21 December 2014.

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