Unblock Netflix regions with IPvanish

With IPvanish you can get around location-based website blocks like the Netflix geo-block. IPVanish owns more than 500 anonymous servers, delivering fast, unrestricted Internet access to every corner of the globe. IPVanish is one of the top VPN providers available. It has a Tier 1 network of VPNs with servers in a whopping 59 countries.

How Does IPvanish Work?

Based on your IP address, Netflix can see what part of the world your computer is in and block you from watching content if you’re in the wrong place. This is called “geo-blocking”. With a VPN service like IPvanish you can ‘hide’ your real location on the internet and pretend you’re located in another country of choice. VPN services are numerous, and don’t require much technical skill to use. Here you can read more about the use of a proxy service.

Netflix is reportedly testing a variety of methods to prevent people from accessing content from other countries. But this is just an ongoing game between Netflix and proxy services. IPvanish offers a free trial period and your monthly subscription can be cancelled any time, so why not try IPvanish right now?