Jack Taylor (2014)

Jack Taylor
TV Shows
Iain Glen Colm Ward Kathleen Rayner Niall Buggy
IDMB rating
7.4 (280 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
March 29, 2013 (Netflix)

A female student dies from a fall from the roof of the university. She is dressed in a theatre costume and wears a ring of paper with a quote from the play "Deirdre of the Sorrows" typed within. When drugs are found in the young woman's blood, the Police assume suicide as the cause of death. The Literature Professor of the dead student believes that his student has been murdered and asks Jack for help. Jack and Cody attend to the case. Pretending to be a student Cody investigates at the university and discovers dark secrets behind the squeaky-clean-seeming facade of the university. When another female literature student first disappears and then is found dead Jack and Garda Kate Noonan who set out alone to follow the clues move into the focus of the murderer...

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Yes! Jack Taylor (2014) is available on Netflix since Friday 29 March 2013.

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