La Rosa de Guadalupe (2008)

La Rosa de Guadalupe
TV Shows
Milia Nader Diego Lara Francisco Avendaño Maru Dueñas
IDMB rating
3.3 (274 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
July 6, 2016 (Netflix)
Expire date
June 1, 2016 (Netflix)

This TV show airs twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday at five p.m. In each episode the audience will see a miracle come true by the Virgin of Guadalupe. The story says that when you pray to the virgin and put a rose in front of her image, if the rose does not fade away, your wish is becoming true. That is where the name of the show comes from. "The Rose of Guadalupe". Each episode has different characters and different stories.

Is La Rosa de Guadalupe (2008) on Netflix?

Yes! La Rosa de Guadalupe (2008) is available on Netflix since Wednesday 6 July 2016.

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