Loco Love (2003)

Loco Love
Laura Harring Roy Werner Gerardo Mejía Margaret Scarborough
IDMB rating
5.3 (459 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
May 1, 2013 (Netflix)

Just how far would you go to get financing for your business? Donald Chandler (Roy_Werner) is the owner of a restaurant who suddenly finds himself without a business or a job when his wife leaves him, taking the deed to the eatery with her. Eager to start over, Donald goes into a business partnership with Miguel Sanchez (Gerardo_Mejia), a gardener who was taking care of Donald's lawn until he won a fortune in the lottery. Miguel is willing to front Donald the money to open a new restaurant, but there's a catch -- in exchange, Donald has to marry Catalina (Laura_Elena_Harring), Miguel's beautiful but ill-tempered sister who needs an American husband in order to get a green card and stay in California. Loco Love (produced under the title Mi Casa, Su Casa was the first feature film from director Bryan_Lewis.

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Yes! Loco Love (2003) is available on Netflix since Wednesday 1 May 2013.

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