Mystery of the 13th Guest (1943)

Mystery of the 13th Guest
Dick Purcell Helen Parrish Tim Ryan Frank Faylen
IDMB rating
5.3 (329 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
May 1, 2013 (Netflix)

The Morgan family's patriarch is soon to die. He hosts a dinner party for the family to tell them all he's setting aside his last will to be opened by his nearly 8-year-old granddaughter thirteen years in the future when she turns twenty-one. Thirteen years later, she returns to the abandoned family house to open the will, per his instructions. Murder follows shortly thereafter. Police Lt. Burke and Private Investigator Johnny Smith are soon on hand to investigate when guests of the old dinner party thirteen years earlier seem to be bumped off according to the past seating arrangement.

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Yes! Mystery of the 13th Guest (1943) is available on Netflix since Wednesday 1 May 2013.

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