Para Volver a Amar (2010)

Para Volver a Amar
TV Shows
Jesús Ochoa Rebecca Jones Alejandro Camacho Alejandra Barros
IDMB rating
8.7 (40 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
July 1, 2015 (Netflix)
Expire date
July 1, 2016 (Netflix)

Marriage is not easy. It's more than vows and promises, more than love and loyalty. and the six women of our story know that very well. The story of these six women whom by dumb luck, twists of fate or just by chance befriend each other, struggle and face the reality of their day to day life with their partners to find if true love really does exist is nothing more but the story of everyday women in everyday life. Antonia Palacios is a woman who has it all. The perfect man, Patricio, a beautiful daughter, and a nice job. But on her anniversary she realizes that maybe her life's not as perfect as she thought. Her dream job has turned into a slaving labor that consumes every single minute of her time taking away the moment dedicated to her family, and her boss into the oppressive executioner. As she's aware of this she decides to quit her job and start all over by herself initiating her own real estate agency with the objective of making it an all woman project. Here, in MAS Real Estate Agency, Antonia among Barbara, an apparently happy woman abused by her husband; Maite, one of Antonia's ex-client blinded by her greed and hysteria; Yorley, a humble young mother with an unemployed slacker husband; Valeria, a trophy wife who feels useless and is commonly regarded as a shame to her son; and Rosaura, a mature woman usually distracted and clumsy, will find the strength and courage to help themselves to go through all sorts of obstacles with the hope of loving again.

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Yes! Para Volver a Amar (2010) is available on Netflix since Wednesday 1 July 2015.

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