Say Salaam India (2006)

Say Salaam India
Sanjay Suri Mandar Jadhav Milind Soman Sandhya Mridul
IDMB rating
6.0 (74 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
June 15, 2012 (Netflix)

Principal Goswami of prestigious Royal Heritage High School recruits his chum, Hari Sadu, to coach his school's five-time winning cricket team, only to let him go following complaints of abuse. Hari approaches various other schools in Tejpur, and manages to convince Principal Saxena of Adarsh Vidya Mandir to coach an impoverished team to face the champions. He will soon realize that apart from being the underdogs, he will also face opposition from the school's coach, Surinder Huda, who detests cricket and would prefer to coach students on traditional Indian sports such as Kho Kho, Khusti, Kabbadi, and hockey; and that his 11-member team will be facing, not only abuse, but more than 11 players from the opposition.

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Yes! Say Salaam India (2006) is available on Netflix since Friday 15 June 2012.

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