Tall as the Baobab Tree (2012)

Tall as the Baobab Tree
Alpha Dia Cheikh Dia Mboural Dia Mouhamed Diallo
IDMB rating
6.8 (115 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
March 25, 2014 (Netflix)

Coumba and her little sister Debo are the first to leave their family's remote African village, where meals are prepared over open fires and water is drawn from wells, to attend school in the bustling city. But when an accident suddenly threatens their family's survival, their father decides to sell 11-year-old Debo into an arranged marriage. Torn between loyalty to her elders and her dreams for the future, Coumba hatches a secret plan to rescue her young sister from a fate she did not choose. A powerful voice from Africa's young generation, Grand comme le Baobab (Tall as the Baobab Tree) poignantly depicts a family struggling to find its footing at the outer edge of the modern world... where questions of right and wrong are not always black and white.

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Yes! Tall as the Baobab Tree (2012) is available on Netflix since Tuesday 25 March 2014.

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