The Day We Met (1990)

The Day We Met
Yehuda Barkan Rami Danon Zachi Noy Michal Yannai
IDMB rating
6.3 (77 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
Feb. 15, 2013 (Netflix)

After being called for his mandatory yearly Israeli army reserve duty, Arik Schwartzman finds himself looking for a uniform wearing serial rapist. He is supposed to be aided by Natalie, a young female soldier who looks for her lost father. However, her master sergeant doesn't allow her to volunteer to be a bait for the rapist in army hitchhiking stops. Arik convinces her otherwise and the military police promptly arrests him. Arik therefore gets his fellow reserve duty soldier Benzi Alman, who runs an escort service, to offer the master sergeant a free date with a buxom Polish escort called Danuta. Their encounter is video taped, and the master sergeant is blackmailed to free Arik. Natalie pages Arik after realizing she managed to take a ride with the rapist. The rapist tries to rape her, but Arik (literally) breaks out of his cell just in time to save her with help from an army trained dog. Natalie then reveals Arik is her lost father, and reunites him with her mental patient mother.

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Yes! The Day We Met (1990) is available on Netflix since Friday 15 February 2013.

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