The Greenskeeper (2002)

The Greenskeeper
Allelon Ruggiero Bruce Taylor Ron Lester Steve Rickman
IDMB rating
2.9 (564 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
May 15, 2013 (Netflix)

When someone starts using the business end of a pair of hedgeclippers on the more snobbish patrons of a posh country club, rumors fly the slice-n'-dice handiwork is the signiture of The Greenskeeper, a serial killer long thought dead from an explosion years ago. Allen, whose mother owns the country club, begins having nightmare visions where he is haunted by The Greenskeeper. Allen begins to suspect he may have a connection to The Greenskeeper he never dared imagine. Meanwhile, the beautiful jetsetters of the club decide to sneak in after hours for some skinny-dipping, partying, and sex-on-the-green. Unfortunately for the teens, The Greenskeeper decides to crash the party, and armed with golf equipment and landscaping tools, begins picking off Izods one by one. Joining forces with his new love interest Elena, Allen races to the club to try to save his friends. He and Elena must play a deadly game of cat and mouse to survive, because when you have a tee time with The Greenskeeper, it's par for the corpse!

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Yes! The Greenskeeper (2002) is available on Netflix since Wednesday 15 May 2013.

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