The Kid with a Bike (2011)

The Kid with a Bike
Fabrizio Rongione Thomas Doret Cécile De France Jérémie Renier
IDMB rating
7.4 (20159 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
Dec. 12, 2012 (Netflix)
Expire date
Dec. 12, 2015 (Netflix)

At about 11, the stubborn and impulsive Cyril seems on his way to delinquency: he has no mother, his father wants a new life without him, so he's in a foster institution. He searches for his father, wanting him and his bike. Through the intersession of Samantha, a hairdresser Cyril happens upon, he gets his bike back, and she offers to take him into her home on weekends. He remains aloof from her and gets involved with a young crook. Is Cyril intent on driving Samantha away - and what then?

Is The Kid with a Bike (2011) on Netflix?

Yes! The Kid with a Bike (2011) is available on Netflix since Wednesday 12 December 2012.

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