The Limits of Control (2009)

The Limits of Control
Isaach De Bankolé Alex Descas Jean-François Stévenin Óscar Jaenada
IDMB rating
6.2 (15224 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
March 16, 2013 (Netflix)

A solitary man who does not speak Spanish is an underground courier. Two men who are both thuggish and philosophical send him to Madrid with cryptic instructions. Over the course of a few days, he receives his instructions from a series of distinctive individuals who provide words of philosophy or of warning and also give him a matchbox with a tiny piece of paper, which he reads then eats, accompanied by espresso served in two cups. He is quiet, self-contained, focused on his work. He has rules. He encounters and at times transmits a violin, diamonds, a guitar, and a map. Is he a smuggler? Merely an independent conduit? Or, something else?

Is The Limits of Control (2009) on Netflix?

Yes! The Limits of Control (2009) is available on Netflix since Saturday 16 March 2013.

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