They're Out of the Business (2011)

They're Out of the Business
Eric Schaeffer Donal Lardner Ward Ian Azumosir John Bianco
IDMB rating
5.8 (70 votes)
Netflix rating
Release date
May 9, 2013 (Netflix)
Expire date
May 9, 2016 (Netflix)

A decade and a half after their seminal indie film launched meteoric filmmaking careers, Splick and Jason find themselves staring at their own individual, pre-midlife crises. Having not spoken to one another since a late-nineties falling out, they're each grappling with the challenges of stalled careers and relationships, as the hands of time creep ominously past forty-o'clock. Splick's most recent TV show, centered around his character's perverse relationship with dessert foods, is unceremoniously cancelled by the network, forcing a return to his childhood bedroom at his mother's apartment in New York. Frustrated by a barrage of comments about the "good," "funny," movies he used to make with his old partner, Jason, Splick determines to seek him out and attempt a reunion.

Is They're Out of the Business (2011) on Netflix?

Yes! They're Out of the Business (2011) is available on Netflix since Thursday 9 May 2013.