Twist of Fate (2013)

Twist of Fate
Drea Garcia Jimmy McFinn Nikki Nelson
Netflix rating
Release date
Jan. 14, 2015 (Netflix)

In the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, a Young Woman is stalked by a wanted strangler known as, The Wolf. He catches up to her and forces her into an alley where she fights back. Amidst the struggle, she reaches for a concealed knife and maims The Wolf, forcing him to let her go. Bloodied and dejected, The Wolf is discovered by Nicole, a nursing student who helps him. While tending to his wounds, she comes to realize who the mysterious stranger really is. In a show of gratitude for saving his life, The wolf lets Nicole go before taking off into the streets again.

Is Twist of Fate (2013) on Netflix?

Yes! Twist of Fate (2013) is available on Netflix since Wednesday 14 January 2015.

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