Why Did I Get Married? (2007)

Why Did I Get Married?
Tyler Perry Sharon Leal Janet Jackson Malik Yoba
Drama Comedy
IDMB rating
5.6 (9908 votes)
Release date
Sept. 12, 2015 (Netflix)
Expire date
Dec. 12, 2015 (Netflix)

Dr. Patricia Agnew, a psychologist, has written a best seller about marriage: hers and those of three other couples who together take a week's vacation each year to ask themselves, "Why did I get married?" It's time for one of those weeks, and all four relationships are strained: Patricia and her husband Gavin have the shadow of grief between them; Terry believes that Diane has abandoned him for her work; Angela, who's built a successful business, belittles her husband Marcus, who works for her; Mike is cruel to Sheila, his religious, overweight wife. During the week, each person's secret comes out. Will these marriages survive?

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Yes! Why Did I Get Married? (2007) is available on Netflix since Saturday 12 September 2015.

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