Woody Allen: A Documentary (2011)

Woody Allen: A Documentary
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7.7 (3907 votes)
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Nov. 1, 2015 (Netflix)

Iconic writer, director, actor, comedian, and musician Woody Allen allowed his life and creative process to be documented on-camera for the first time. With this unprecedented access, Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Robert Weide followed the notoriously private film legend over a year and a half to create the ultimate film biography. Woody Allen: A Documentary chronicles Allen's career - from teen writer to Sid Caeser's TV scribe, from standup comedian to award-winning writer-director averaging one film-per-year for more than 40 years. Exploring Allen's writing habits, casting, directing, and relationship with his actors first-hand, new interviews with A-listers, writing partners, family and friends provide insight and backstory to the usually inscrutable filmmaker.

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Yes! Woody Allen: A Documentary (2011) is available on Netflix since Sunday 1 November 2015.

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