Justin Timberlake concert film heading to Netflix

(CNN) - You can soon have a front row seat to a Justin Timberlake concert anywhere you watch Netflix.

The pop star's 20/20 Experience World Tour film called, "Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids," will drop on the streaming service October 12.

Netflix announced the acquisition Friday, ahead of the movie's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The film's Oscar winning director, Jonathan Demme ("The Silence Of The Lambs") called the project "a space age music film."

"There's tremendous dancing in this piece. He's got an extraordinary band called the Tennessee Kids," Demme told Rolling Stone. "Huge horn section, two lead guitars, two drummers, eight dancers, four exquisite background singers. And we caught them on their last performance."

The movie was shot at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas -- the final stop of the two-year tour.

In the film's trailer, Timberlake summed up the spirit of the night in three words: "What a run."


This article was written by by Chloe Melas, CNN