T-Mobile will let you stream Netflix for free!

USA TODAY wrote that T-Mobile will let customers watch more online video from Netflix, HBO and others without paying for the data usage! T-Mobile introduced a new addition to its monthly wireless plan: watching video doesn’t count in data coverage. However the free video streams will be in lower, 480p resolution.

Most data is consumed by watching video via apps like Netflix and Hulu, which rivals count against the monthly totals, but T-Mobile won’t charge you for this data usage.

T-Mobile is working with 24 video networks, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime and WatchESPN for free video streaming. It’s called the “Binge On” program. Obviously, the biggest missing link is YouTube, but T-Mobile says they’re working with Google on getting YouTube in the program.

Binge On is available starting November 19 for existing customers and November 15 for new plans

The videos on T-Mobile are "optimized," at lower quality, which Legere referred to as "DVD quality." This means that videos will be presented at 480p, lower than the 720p or 1080p mobile users have come to associate with high definition.

"Don’t get hung up on 480p," said Legere, in response to a question about how consumers will take to the lower resolution. The difference "isn't even discernible," on the small devices, he said. The video feature can be turned on and off, so if customers want to watch video in higher resolution, they can switch to the wifi network and watch that way, Legere said.