Netflix documentary ‘Gaga Five Foot Two’ now on Netflix

According to the trailer for the new Netflix documentary, “Gaga Five Foot Two,” being one of pop music’s most celebrated phenomena is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Lady Gaga is heard complaining about how, when her producer wants her to be more sexy, she tried to imagine she is still in control. She also confesses to feeling “paranoia, fear, body pain, [and] anxiety.” The frank expressions are somewhat belied by images of concerts and Lady Gaga in a number of bizarre costumes. On the other hand we see her getting medical attention and crying while lying in bed. There is also a scene of Lady Gaga shopping at a Walmart.

Lady Gaga, or as she is also known, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, started her professional music career in 2005. By 2009 she had become a superstar, regularly filling concert venues and selling millions of albums. She is known for her experimental approach to music, exploring a variety of genres, and her bizarre, colorful concerts while on stage. People who have followed her career are split between those who think she is a cutting edge taboo breaker and those who dismiss her as a manufactured, commercial product. Her fans, who call themselves “Little Monsters,” refer to Lady Gaga as “Mother Monster.” She has become a LGBT icon, though she dismisses rumors that she is intersex, though she says she has a fondness for androgyny.

Madonna, the pop icon of the 1980s and 1990s, has claimed that Lady Gaga ripped off one of her songs and has carried on a one sided feud with her ever since. In “Gaga Five Foot Two,” Lady Gaga opens up about the riff, stating that she has always admired the much older pop singer.

One of the biggest controversies Lady Gaga created happened during the 2010 MTV Music Awards when she showed up in an outfit made of raw beef. Strangely, on the basis of the meat costume, Lady Gaga was named one of the best dressed people of 2010 by Vogue. Time Magazine declared the outfit as the Fashion Statement of 2010. PETA, however, was less than amused, rounding condemning Lady Gaga for the meat dress. The outfit entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.

Whatever Lady Gaga is doing, she seems to be doing it right from a fame and money standpoint. In 2016, her net worth was estimated to be $275 million.

Gaga Five Foot Two” started streaming on Netflix on September 22, 2017.