Lost Hearts (2017)

Is Lost Hearts on Netflix United States?

Sorry, Lost Hearts (2017) isn't available on Netflix United States, but is available in a different country. Still want to view it? click here.

A betrayal tears apart a friendship between two women, who cross paths years later as successful figures in the fashion world. Stephen Elliot takes his wife to be, to the place where as a young boy he was evacuated to during WW2. As a boy he is repeatedly troubled by visions in his sleep; what is making Stephen have these dreams and can he find out why?.

Lost Hearts
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Max Van De Banks, Henry King Quitain, Elfren Vibar, Garry Fernando
Chloe Austin, Lucy Austin, Callum Austin, Nicholas Amer, Bianca King, Ysabel Ortega, Almira Muhlach, Enzo Pineda, Carla Humphries, Diego Loyzaga, Jojit Lorenzo, Rhed Bustamante, Miriam Quiambao, Vangie Labalan, Maureen Mauricio, Raymond Bagatsing, Atoy Co, Shalala, Beverly Salviejo, Smokey Manaloto, Beauty Gonzalez, Sofia Andres, Joem Bascon