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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Anshul Chauhan on Netflix. The best rated item with Anshul Chauhan on Netflix is "Taj Mahal 1989" and appeared on screen in 2020.

About Anshul Chauhan

Anshul Chauhan was born in north India in 1986. After attending military academy and graduating university with an Arts degree, he soon afterwards found himself working as an animator starting in 2006 with Paprikaas Studios Pvt Ltd (now Technicolor India). His work included projects such as Farm Kids and Back at the Barnyard by Nickelodeon, as well as animation for the National award-winning Indian film Delhi Safari. In addition, he acted as the team leader for BBC TV's Everything's Rosie. In 2011, he relocated to Tokyo where he was employed by Polygon Pictures to work on projects such as the Emmy Award winning Tron Uprising by Disney XD, as well as the Transformers television series. Eventually, he found himself working at OLM pictures on the Pacman animated series by Bandai Namco before moving on to Square Enix. There, he worked on a number of large-scale animation projects including Final Fantasy 15 - both the game as well as the tie-in film KingsGlaive - Kingdom Hearts 3, and Gantz:0 among others. During the time he was employed as an animator, Anshul also pursued his personal passion as a director, resulting in the creation of his independent studio Kowatanda films in 2016, which has so far seen the production of three shorts and two feature films Bad Poetry Tokyo and Kontora that have won several awards and seen critical success at international film festivals.

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