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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Delpaneaux Wills on Netflix. The best rated item with Delpaneaux Wills on Netflix is "Dark Town" and appeared on screen in 2004.

About Delpaneaux Wills

A U.S. citizen of African and Latin descent. He was raised in Sierra Leone, West Coast Africa. Delpaneaux's mother is from Sierra Leone and his father is of Afro-Cuban descent from the United States. When he returned to the United States as a teenager he fell in love with football, medicine, and acting. He played football at San Diego State University and Whittier College as a wide receiver. While at Whittier College, he was involved in theater program. He had plans to follow in his father's footsteps as a doctor, but had to give it up for his love of acting. Since moving to Los Angeles, Delpaneaux has become an active presence in theater, television, and film. In 2009, Delpaneaux was Seneca Keflezi an African track star in the Lifetime Original Film "Chasing a Dream". Delpaneaux has also appeared on T.V in "The E-Ring", "Las Vegas", "The L-Word", and "General Hospital". His film work includes a lead role in the Lionsgate's "Darktown", the Sci-fi film "Sand Sharks", and the faith-based film "Do You Believe?"

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