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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Geoff Browne on Netflix. The best rated item with Geoff Browne on Netflix is "Firequake" and appeared on screen in 2014.

About Geoff Browne

Geoff wrapped directing a feature film for the SyFy channel starring Alexandra Paul. What makes Geoff Browne an exciting director to work with is his ability to focus and inspire a large group of people to tell a story. His talent for building empathic connections creates a high tide that raises the skill level and performance potential of everyone - from cast to crew.  Geoff spent years filming around the Globe, and was cinematographer for National Geographics show Drugs inc. Hence Geoff's first-hand experience of interacting with a vast array of people from drug-running motorcycle gangs to Tibetan spiritual masters,Geoff has formulated a unique directing style that, while raw and realistic, is also at times both visceral and transcendent. His real life experiences "in the trenches" allows him to create a visual and emotional excursion that is deeply moving, vital and alive. He also films continuously for two time Academy Award winning director Malcolm Clarke. 

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