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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Gerald Casale on Netflix. The best rated item with Gerald Casale on Netflix is "The Day the '60s Died " and appeared on screen in 2015.

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Gerald Vincent Casale (born Gerald Vincent Pizzute, July 28, 1948), often known as Jerry Casale, is a vocalist, bass guitar/synthesizer player, and a founding member (with Mark Mothersbaugh and Bob Lewis) of the new wave band Devo. Along with Mothersbaugh, whom he met at Kent State University, Casale co-wrote most of Devo's material (including the hit "Whip It"), designed Devo's distinctive attire (including the Energy Dome, plastic pompadours, and yellow radiation suits) over the years with Mothersbaugh, and directed most of Devo's videos. He has also directed videos for other artists, including The Cars ("Panorama"), Rush ("Superconductor"), A Perfect Circle ("Imagine"), Foo Fighters ("I'll Stick Around"), Soundgarden ("Blow Up the Outside World"), and Silverchair ("Freak" and "Cemetery"), among others.

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