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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Ghadir Mounib on Netflix. The best rated item with Ghadir Mounib on Netflix is "Hush" and appeared on screen in 2016.

About Ghadir Mounib

Ghadir is an award-winning Actress and Producer with experience of over a decade performing as a lead actress on stage, in feature films and on TV in Hollywood, California. She has earned multiple rewards and recognition for her achievements in the entertainment industry in the USA. She received the “Best Lead Actress” and the "A List" Awards in various Film Festivals in California. Ghadir was also named as “Mrs Los Angeles” at the Miss California Pageant in 2018. An Egyptian born, trilingual Series Lead actress mastering wide dramatic and comedic ranges. She loves playing strong and powerful women, because this is how she sees women, and believes this is how they should be seen and portrayed. Ghadir started her own non-profit production company in 2015 to present a platform for success to talented performers and to integrate film, stage and dance into compelling live experiences. Ghadir’s real passion is to manifest happiness and light and bring that out in others. Ghadir is a multi-talented professional with a Masters degree in Architecture from the NewSchool of Architecture in San Diego, USA. She has obtained specialized Certificates and Diplomas in acting and has acquired extensive experience as an actress, producer, director, runway model, content creator, and artist. People who know Ghadir and her work always say that they feel lit up by her presence-they describe it as a magical quality!

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