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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Grant Withers on Netflix. The best rated item with Grant Withers on Netflix is "The Fatal Hour" and appeared on screen in 1940.

About Grant Withers

. Grant Withers (January 17, 1905, Pueblo, Colorado – March 27, 1959, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California), born Granville G. Withers, was a prolific American film actor with a sizeable body of work. With early beginnings in the silent era, Withers moved into talkies establishing himself with an impressive list of headlined features as a young and handsome male lead. As his career progressed, his importance diminished, but he did manage a 10-year contract at Republic Pictures. His friendships with both John Ford and John Wayne secured him a spot in nine of Wayne's films, but later roles dwindled to supporting parts, mainly as villains in B-movies, serials, and finally television. He appeared in the late 1950s in two episodes of the syndicated western series 26 Men, set in Arizona, where he had earlier eloped with Loretta Young. His life in film, five unsuccessful marriages, and a tragic end had all the makings of its own Hollywood drama.

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