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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Hala Fakher on Netflix. The best rated item with Hala Fakher on Netflix is "Antar: Son of Shadad" and appeared on screen in 2017.

About Hala Fakher

Hala Fakher Mohamed Fakher began her career in entertainment as a child when she partook in the cinematic production “Lann Abky Abadan”. Hala studied at (Saint Claire) school. (Following her graduation, she participated in theatrical and television performances where she stood out as a talented comedy actor). Among (the works and theatrical performances in which she has participated are “Wagaa Demagh”, “Shahid ma shafsh Hagga”, “Al Belyatsho”, (“Paulo”), “Malak Al Qarabin”, “Al Zeer Salim” and “Al Layla al Al Beyda”. Among her television performances is the children’s show “Bougy wa Tam-tam”. Hala has been particularly successful in her comedy roles where she has displayed a (great ability to innovate).

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