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About Jan Antonin Duchoslav

Jan Antonín Duchoslav (* May 1, 1965 Prague) is a Czech actor and moderator. He studied high school, but did not finish it. According to him, it was mainly due to the popularity that occurred after the film Snowdrops and Gnats. During his military service, he was sentenced to ten months unconditionally for bullying, but thanks to President Husák's amnesty, he was released from prison after only 19 days. Since the 1980s, he has made a living as a props, pusher, businessman with women's shoulder pads, producer, ski instructor and illuminator. He is divorced. He and his ex-wife Klára Stibůrková, who is a lawyer by profession, have two children - sons Antonín (2008) and Jan (2012). He has been performing at the Radek Brzobohatý Theater in Prague for a long time. He is best known as Viky Cabadaj from the film Sněženky a machři, but we can also remember him as a Turk from Rafťáky, a policeman from 2Bobulí, Viktor Hofman Jr. from the Surgery in the Rose Garden, Miky from the series Third Floor or the clumsy head of a gas station in the sitcom of the same name. He also played "šmejda" in the series Doctors from the Beginnings. It is interesting that his serial partner was Dita Hořínková, with whom he also played in the sitcom Benzínka. In addition to acting, he moderates, for example, he moderated a talk show with Iveta Bartošová on TV Pětka, where he also had the show Bulvárek. After its completion, it had a competition on TV Relax called Closely Watched Train. He was also the Winter Inspector of Televizní noviny, where he visited ski resorts and informed about their quality.

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