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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Larissa Dias on Netflix. The best rated item with Larissa Dias on Netflix is "Counterfeiting in Suburbia" and appeared on screen in 2018.

About Larissa Dias

Larissa Albuquerque is an actress based in Vancouver, Canada. Since the age of seven, Larissa demonstrated immense interest in acting, participating in several theatre productions. Throughout high school she was involved in television production as well as broadcasting and in April 2012, Larissa was signed with a major talent agency in Vancouver. In that same year she landed her first few roles on American TV series Falling Skies and Supernatural followed by TV Movie, Evangeline. She has recently played lead character, Bethany, in Nickelodeon's 2015 movie Liar Liar Vampire. Besides acting Larissa has recently completed her Joint Bachelor's degree in Interactive Arts & Technology and Communications. Larissa has trained at Railtown Actors Theatre & Film Society and Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop in Vancouver.

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