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About Linda Cristal

​.   Linda Cristal (born Marta Victoria Moya Peggo Burges; 23 February 1931 - 27 June 2020) was an Argentine actress. In 1960, John Wayne asked her to play the part of Flaca in his epic The Alamo. In 1961, she starred with James Stewart in the western "Two Rode Together". She semi-retired from the business after that to raise her two children. In the 1960-61 TV season, Cristal appeared as a female matador in NBC's The Tab Hunter Show. She was coaxed out of retirement when she became the last cast member to be added to the NBC series The High Chaparral. David Dortort had been auditioning actresses for three weeks, seeking just the right woman with good looks, acting ability and a fiery personality, who could breathe life into the aristocratic "Victoria Montoya". He had just about given up hope of ever finding the right actress when Cristal heard about the part. Her agent thought the role had already been cast, but she urged him to check, and he found out that it was still open. She later appeared in such popular television series as Bonanza, Barnaby Jones and The Love Boat. After that, she took assignments only as the notion struck her favorably, such as the Charles Bronson action film Mr. Majestyk.

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