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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Mark Dippolito on Netflix. The best rated item with Mark Dippolito on Netflix is "Abducted" and appeared on screen in 2014.

About Mark Dippolito

Mark Dippolito was born in Cocoa Beach, Florida to Greg & Penny Dippolito. Being the youngest of four very athletic children, you could almost always catch Mark at the beach trading waves with his brother Chris and twin sisters Erika and Erin. Mark's father was a fisherman by trade up until the time Mark was born and fishing was a family affair in the Dippolito house hold. Often Mark and his siblings would have great weekend adventure with their father involving 6ft. sharks and monster stingrays. One time while Mark was fishing off the beach with his dad and brother, they caught over 1000lbs. of fish. It was such an enormous haul it payed for the family vacation that year.

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