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This is a regularly updated list with movies, series and documentaries with Nikolai Cherkasov on Netflix. The best rated item with Nikolai Cherkasov on Netflix is "Happiness" and appeared on screen in 1935.

About Nikolai Cherkasov

An outstanding Soviet theater and film actor. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1937). People's Artist of the RSFSR (03/11/1939). People's Artist of the USSR (02.26.1947). He graduated from the Institute of Performing Arts (1926). Since 1919 - a mimic artist of the Petrograd Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theater, the Bolshoi Drama Theater and other theaters. In the years 1926-1929 - actor of the Leningrad Youth Theater. In 1929-1931 - artist of the Leningrad and Moscow music halls. In the years 1931-1933 - artist of the Leningrad Mobile Theater "Comedy". In 1933-1965 - artist of the Leningrad Academic Drama Theater named after Pushkin. Nikolai Cherkasov is the only actor whose face is imprinted on the order. Stalin personally chose and approved the portrait of Cherkasov for one of the highest state awards - the Soviet Order of Alexander Nevsky. Member of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR 1-2 convocations. Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 3-4 convocations (1950-1958). Chairman of the Leningrad branch of the WTO (since 1948). Member of the Soviet Peace Committee (since 1949). Member of the CPSU (b) since 1940. September 14, Nikolai Konstantinovich died at the 64th year of life. When the great actor passed away, one of his students said that he died not from heart failure, but from insufficient heartiness... The actor was buried in the Necropolis of Artists of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in Leningrad. July 27, 1970 the name of Cherkasov was assigned to one of the streets in Leningrad.

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